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There is something for everybody.

andban is the new highlight of the young jewelry designer Sonia Rodríguez from Nuremberg. Timeless elegant looks, discreet eyecatcher or flashy trendsetter:

There is something for everybody. If, as a fashion victim, individuality means a lot to you, this will then be the right place for you. Each andban is a hand-made unique specimen and coordinated to your wishes.

Create your individual trend.

We make you happy

The love of detail.

Mass-produced goods are out – andban is in full vogue.
andban articles are not only known for the quality of the used materials, but also for the extravagant handiwork and the love of detail. Your imagination is endless and each andban can be created as desired: you decide your individual colours, shapes, arrangements, materials and accessories.

Think andban.
Dive into the world of andban and gain an impression yourself

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